So I was out for a jog when I hear this noise coming from down the big hill behind my neighborhood (I run the hill for the exercise, it also happens to be where all the multi-millionaires live...). I look behind me and I see this van driving real slow with about 30 bicycles behind it, and think nothing of it and keep on jogging.

As I turn the corner and wait for the cross light to turn, the van and bikes catch up, so I waited and let them cross, as they passed I could see a really low roof line with two humps behind them... Hrrrmmm... Then I make out the full figure, Its a Veyron!


They have guys on skate boards filming, some of the bicycles have cameras, and the lead van and chase car also have cameras everywhere.

Well I am about a half a mile from my house, with no cell phone or viable means of acquiring pictures of this rare sight. I think to myself, you know who would enjoy this? Oppo.


So I damn near killed myself sprinting home so I could run upstairs and grab my phone and the keys to the Jeep to chase these to Bugattis down and bring you terrible cell phone video of two Bugattis driving down the road at a snails pace. EN-FREAKING-JOY!

For those of you whom listen to rap, I presume this will be in a video sometime soon, so if you see it let me know.

(and please, feel free to scold me for video-ing while driving, I dont care, two Bugattis)