You’re on a car search (for a particular car), and you’re looking and looking though all of the bullshit. You’re about to give up as you can’t believe how hard it is to find a car you want. Then you see one that ticks all the boxes! Even though you haven’t even contacted the dealer/seller to see if it’s available, you’ve now pictured your whole life together. You think of the things you will get for it, and the adventures you’ll go on with it etc...

Well that’s what I’m doing, just setting myself up for disappointment over a rinky dink Ford Ranger.

I really have no rush to get one, but I decided recently that I need a small pickup. Now I’ve found this and thought about owning it for 20 minutes, so I must have it!

EDIT: Annnnnnnnnd it’s a fuckin’ salvage title! God damn it! I knew it was too good.