You guys go through so many cars...

...that, or many of you are a lot older than I thought. I mean, I’m only 38, and my list is dwarfed by many of yours.

EDIT: We did this thing in January, 2017! I don’t mind doing it again, but I’m also super lazy. So my inventory is a repost with the updates! Hey, I’m 40 now.


Shourmobile v.1 was an ‘80 Celica almost identical to this one here. Mine also had aftermarket wheels, just not these. Had it senior year and my first two years of college. My mother wanted me to have something newer, so she got me this:

A ‘94 Geo Metro was Shourmobile v.2. This, three-cylinder powered tin can took me into grad school, and was easily the 2nd-most dead reliable car I’ve owned. I road-tripped from Cruces to lots of places in this thing, thanks to 47mpg at 75mph. To DC, to Chicago, to Colorado Springs, and many trips to Albuquerque...this ol’ girl took good care of me.


When my dad decided he wanted to take advantage of the Metro’s fuel-sipping ways, he traded me Shourmobile v.beta. I actually learned how to drive in his ‘87 Subie XT, and while it wasn’t screaming fast, it was low and torquey and had clutch pedal with a fast friction point. Easily the 2nd most fun car of mine, and I dailied her through much of grad school, until...

Advertisement older brother upgraded his ride, and handed down his V6-powered ‘93 MX-6 to me. Shourmobile v.3 was almost as fun as the XT, and had a semi-usable back seat and trunk. I blew the original motor and replaced it with a donor from a rear-ended 626, with which she carried me for four or so years before...


...before I fell in love. The fate of Shourmobile v.4 (more commonly referred to as The Other Woman) was extensively chronicled in my farewell post to her, and remains first in fun, first in reliability, and first in my automotive heart. I am sure that everyone else thought it strange that I would replace an ‘02 Miata SE with a luxo-barge-normous Lexus LS 400, but you guys are all Oppo, and so you understand completely.


This seems like the most appropriate photo to use for Shourmobile v.5, which picked a fine time to die on me again this past Labor Day. She served me well for over two and a half years, and carried tubas and baritones and french horns with no complaints. Super comfy, too.

That brings us to Shourmobile v.6.


Nao kith! (I saw the silver 6 and parked here specifically to take this picture. No clue who owns it.)

I haven’t written my review of this car yet, as I’ve been busy. But I’ve been racking up miles on this car at a record pace. Shourmobile a 6. Heh.


Thanks for sharing your own ownership, and for reading about mine. ^_^

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