You guys had a music taste-fest yesterday when I was sleeping. Prepare yourselves for what you have missed...

Here's a dose of freedom to keep you calm for the time being.

I do like a bit of rock. But I'll start off with true artistry.

Oh yes - give me classical music all day long and I wouldn't mind. A dream holiday would be to go to Vienna.

I love musicals too. Older musicals are of best musicals. Back then, it was so much more sincere and soulful. Or hilariously funny. Or both.

Do I like country?

Yes I do!

Folk too! Feeling confused with my eclectic choices and tastes yet?

Kylie. Yes, Kylie.

Dat DeTomaso Mangusta. TIME FOR THE K-POP.

Best music video I've ever seen considering the country it originated from. Watch 'till the very end.

I saw them once live. I actually cried with the intensity of their stage presence.

Look, VW Squareback!


Help me God they're so embarrassing...

//had enough yet?