I switched from the mobil 1 5w-30 full synthetic I’ve used since buying the car to 0w-40 after a very skilled autox driver recommended it to get rid of my lifter tick. Did the trick, so I’m sticking with it. Earlier today I was looking on forums and saw people bashing Mobil, and proclaiming Castrol as “the oil” all other oils look up to. FWIW, this was on a BMW forum. Then on a Corvette forum, they were calling out Castrol as junk. Then there was a rant against royal purple, and finally a dude proclaiming 5w-20 as the only oil that he’s ever used in 40 years, so it’s good enough for anybody by God! Somehow I stumbled upon a Polaris slingshot forum, where they were all using 0w-50 (the price was painful) or 5w-50 and changing their oil like every 600 miles.... Anyways.... Anyone have some input? Whether it’s brands, weight, whatever. Don’t care if it’s strictly anecdotal, or backed by years of research. Oil is on the mind!

No more mess. Oil drain valve is installed, and rock solid!
Closed. I have zero fear of leaks. That’s one hell of a seal
Open. I’ll drive around like this to allow more air to enter the engine from below, thus increasing hp and speed yo