Don't touch another man's tools? My family doesn't abide by that rule. TWO days in a row I come home to my toolbox being fucked up.

That's how my box looked today when i came home from work. Roughly $300 worth of tools strewn about like its nothing. My mom said she was trying to find a level and opened the box upside down. I don't have a fucking level in my toolbox. She didn't bother cleaning it up or even apologizing, for that matter. Now I'm missing a few sockets. Awesome.

Yesterday when I came home from work, I discovered that 2 of the tabs that hold the lid closed on the box were snapped off. My dad owned up to it and apologized, so I'm not that mad about it. He was trying to find a hammer...


...but this is where I keep three of my four hammers. Literally at his eye level.

I keep my tools and workspace impeccably clean and organized so it really annoys me when people show a blatant disregard for my garage space.


End rant.