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You Guys Know The BMW M1 Hommage Concept Is The BMW i8, Right?

Back in 2008, BMW came out with its M1 Hommage concept, which looked a bit liked a futuristic M1 and was very awesome indeed. Then BMW said they wouldn't make it, and everyone sighed. But no one seems to realize that the i8 is the M1 Hommage, just in production form.


Maybe this just sort of seemed obvious to me when I remembered the concept a few weeks ago, but the two share major design cues, from the mid-engined layout, to the squinty headlights, to the wings just behind the doors. Legit, it's pretty much the same car, just one that's made the transition from concept to production. Here's the M1 Hommage again:

And here's the production version of the i8:


Alright, so there are definitely a few differences. But this is one of the first instances that I can remember that the production car was even wilder than the original concept, and it looks even better. And yes, we can definitely be cynics about that. At the time the M1 Hommage came out, we even said:

So if history is to repeat itself, perhaps this Homage is a predecessor to a toned-down limited-production version, but don't hold your breath.


So while BMW hasn't made another M1, I dare say we might have got an even sweeter deal in the end.

Note: I'm posting this to Oppo because one MATT HARDIGREE disagrees with me. But this is truth. At least as a styling exercise.


Photos credit: BMW

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