For those whose idea of social networking is posting on Oppositelock, and who use V6 Ford Mustangs as a unit of financial measurement, there is no greater game than giving yourself an imaginary budget of imaginary money, and going mad with it.

$100,000 is quite the chunk of change, and there are nearly endless possibilities. Do you go for a nice daily and a fun track/offroad car? Do you take the insane route and buy as many used clunkers you can? Or do you do what I would do and go straight to the Chevrolet dealer to buy a new Z06 in cash like a baller?

The choice is up to you. The only rule is: your car, or combination of cars must have feasible selling price of under $100,000. Listings to similar cars to substantiate prices is always encouraged.


Heres your $100,000:

Have fun!

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