Thanks to a bad bet you made with him at a bar, our good friend the Magic Jalopnik Horse has given you $2000 with which to buy a vehicle and bring it home. There’s only one catch; it must be on the opposite coast from you, and it must be bought off of Craigslist, as the Magic Jalopnik Horse hates eBay due to a dispute with founder Pierre Omidyar involving Whole Foods goat cheese, a Schrade knife, a pack of flavored condoms, and a 1995 Toyota Cavalier. Anyway, the Magic Jalopnik Horse will pay for any breakdowns that happen during the journey, as well as for food, water, and gas. If you buy the car for less than two grand but it needs some work, you can use the leftovers to pay for repairs. It can be in any state on the opposite coast as long as that state borders and ocean, but you have to be able to drive it home.

EDIT: If you’re in the Midwest, South, West, etc, pick whichever coast you want.

Here’re my choices as an East Coaster: