You have become the very thing you sought to destroy!

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So the interior door handle of the accent started to not be able to unlock the door anymore, which is quite a problem, since it doesn’t have the little peg at the top of the door for you to do it, more(?), manually.


Pop off the door card, and the part labelled “Lock rod cover” had become unfastened at one end and was blocking the lock rod from moving it’s full motion.

Also, another issue that I’m still having. During the bit of cold weather we had earlier (like 30 degrees lmao) I noticed my parking brake would stick after the car had been parked a while.


Google tells me this is likely due to a small brake fluid leak that’s contaminating the shoes and causing them to stick. It kind of makes since I’d only see it in cold weather since the rubber would contract in the cold, it may not be leaking at all when it’s warm.

Honestly, this sounds plausible, but I don’t think it’s likely, since I didn’t have any loss of pedal pressure, even when it was cold. But what do y’all think though? All though if I get the time I’ll pop off the drums this weekend and check it out.

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