El Zapatito will now wait in the garage for my brother to return my shop vac (probably never like always) to give it a good pass through on the inside as well.

Wheels were scratched when I got it. We got a really good wheel repair dude here at work thatā€™s going to hook it up but it wont be til next year some time.

Oh yeah beh beh. Once going through it with my rad shammy, I was going to take it home with the top down. It was an insanely low 65 degrees F, so hellz no! As iā€™ve told some peeps here, I loath the cold. If it was up to me, a year round 95F would be perfect. Anything 50F or below and iā€™m pretty much D.E.D dead. Ā 


Side note: any car wash posts should be tagged under Svended. Letā€™s make this a thing :]