You know how games use those generic cars to avoid paying license fees?

A lovely fake Town Car

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was on sale ($18!), and having enjoyed the last entry in the series I bought it. Still playing so I don’t have any opinions yet, but I gotta say this game has some of the best fake cars I’ve ever seen.

There’s even variation among cars too, which is a nice touch. You can see the fake Town Car again in a picture down below, sporting a vinyl roof and torque-thrust style wheels. The game’s Wrangler knockoff shows up with and without the soft top on it. Trucks and SUVs will occasionally appear with bed caps and bull bars. Almost every vehicle has a base model. Somebody put a lot of care into the game’s fake cars.

A very convincing fake Charger
Legally not a Suburban but c’mon

Two fake Legacies and a fake Space Wagon type thing. This is a good example of car variation. The red wagon has a roof rack, steelies, and chrome grille. The grey one has no roof rack, nice wheels, a different grille, and a hood scoop.

Lab-faux-ghini and Forged Raptor
I don’t know what this is but it looks like someone crossed a 60's Continental with a 70's Cadillac and I love it.
A fake Cadillac almost as good-looking as the real thing

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