I’ve been following along with the Nissan XD for a little while I’m not sure that there are enough buyers of the 2/3rds ton niche to really make a splash I’m hopeful that the truck will finally do well here, mainly because there is no reason a Japanese truck (even though its pretty much American) can’t do well here other than brand loyalty and because Innovation in the segment is a good thing. Assuming this pays off for Nissan (and I guess even if it doesn’t) what would it take for the next best looser, The Toyota Tundra, to finally make a dent in the domestic trucks market share?






3/4 or 1 ton options?

Is it more important to chase big numbers in power, towing and payload? or to chase comfort, mileage and refinement?

I’m curious as to what the community here would peg as being important in a half ton from Mr. T.