Leading at lunch just to have the #169 tap into his decades of experience and open a can of whoop-ass on me in the afternoon. I think I preferred the first ITT where he was just 3 seconds faster than me every run. This marks 2 second places in 2 events this year. I’ll get him eventually.

Scoring is an average of all runs after dropping the slowest. I spun on Run 3 and Run 7 was done as the last car of the day because I apparently missed a run in my afternoon session. Working the second run group in the afternoon I was wondering why they were all having off courses in the second half of the course. Got out there to do my missed run after the last car had gone and discovered the line was gone. It warmed up in the afternoon and if you didn’t have the course memorized you were going to go off (we tried pointer cones but with 40mph wind gusts they wouldn’t stay put so the policy was “just follow the super stud tracks around the standing cones”). Also didn’t help that it had turned into a slushy mess during the change over from my run group to group 2.