Australia’s a haven for dead/dying store names. For example;

They’ve still got Blockbuster (Supposedly due to their shit internet, and most stores are actually closing down. However, the brand is still in use in Australia, which is more than could be said for the rest of the world.)

They’ve still got Woolworths, although the Australian Woolworths chain probably has more to do with Safeway than the Woolworths five-and-dime chain that closed down at various times throughout the world.


And they’ve still got Kmart. Yes, Kmart still exists in the States (In Canada all Kmarts closed down around the late 90s or so.), but really, how much longer are they gonna last? Unlike in the states, Australian Kmart (Which, like Woolworths, actually has very little to do with American Kmart apart from the name.) isn’t completely in the shitter.

I think Australia might just be stuck in the past. This IS the country that only just got Amazon.