You know, I regret posting earlier

I had people talking bad about my dad when yes I agree he didn’t act in the best way, but come on now some things said were unnecessary. Some people were just clowning on me. One guy didn’t believe me because I didn’t drop everything while driving to take a picture. He further went on to accuse me of being a past Oppo who did some bad things here and then just harass me further. I’m in shock. Here I thought I found a good car oriented forum with good people. I’m not saying it’s all of you, 99% of you are chill and good people with a sense of humor, and I’m not mad. (well, not at all of you, mostly just one guy at the moment) just surprised and tired and disappointed. Im not the type of guy to get offended at all but this was just fflat out ridiculous. Like i said, not all of you, mostly one. That just solidified how bad of a day today was. I hope tomorrow I will just wake up and everything will be good again, no hate or uncalled for sarcasm (only some sarcasm allowed if you catch my drift). Just peace.

Then again, when has the world ever worked like that.


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