You Know Someone Loves You When They Will Read For You

Whether it is a paragraph, article, book, or series there is nothing that shows how much someone values you quite like reading for you. Its difficult not to share the things we become passionate about and it isnt easy to ask others for their time, nevermind that time involving black and off-white silent starings and mental meanderings around another person’s cleversphere and wittitude.

Its great to share an interest in the same things because you can do something you both wanted to do anyways but now, together! However, when that person dives/plummets into your interest purely because it’s something meaningful to you (and vice versa) then you have something special there.


Consider how much of someone else’s time you’re asking for and the amount of interest they had prior to your request. I think women are inherently stronger in regards to valuing interest with time investment. Men get trained into it through their family, friends, and other relationships. I dont actually believe that, I just wanted to give a sweeping generalization for you to reflect on and make your own mental gymnast routine around.

I would like to thank my buddy for consistently trading interests and recommendations with me ever since we graduated high school back in 2006. Yeah, it has taken me a decade to realize how awesome this mutual engagement stuff is, but everyone knows Im squirrelly so it’s to be expected. People should really publish books and articles about this stuff daily though. Beats the concept of “Self Help” materials in my book.

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