You Know That Moment When You Accidentally Hurt Your Car and Then You Cant Stop Beating Yourself Up About it?

So this literally just happened to me a couple days ago, and now I’m going to be out a few too many. Just an instant after you’ve committed the deed you wish you could reverse time, and that seems like the most logical solution to internally bargain for.

I posted about it the other day; I backed over a curb when I went too far parking and thought I just bent and broke the plastic undertray that goes under the radiator, but unfortunately the damage goes further.

So I parked over a rubber parking bumper, and when I backed out, it caught on the plastic engine front undercover and bent it out of shape, and in the process it looks like the radiator support is bent on the bottom right (the other side of the radiator support is perfectly parallel to the ground, but as you can see on the right side it is bent at an angle).

Am I looking at major damage here? I don’t think I can simply replace the plastic undercover because the attaching bolt points are now angled downwards, looks like either the radiator support will need to be bent back or replaced?

- GenCoupe Forums (Lead picture from here too)

It looks like the piece that bent is ~$700 from Hyundai, and I don’t have the time or space to fix it myself, so now add labor.


[crying internally]

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