I say this as someone who is probably to the hard left of everyone here except for the filthy Europeans and their wannabe Canadian and Australian colonies, and as someone who is truly horrified by what has been going on and what it means for America’s ideals and long term influence in the world.

It’s a nice sentiment. It’s worth reading. It’s worth acting on. But at this point, it’s just sharing the same thing over and over again. I shared Jezebel’s post, it was promptly unshared. That hurt a bit, but I let it go. It’s really irritating to have that happen when you feel strongly about something, but let it go. There’s no real resisting going on with resharing over and over again (and it’s pushing down my 80s post). Instead of resharing, just make a post with actual content. Link to the resist post, but do it in a way that we can actually have a discussion.

Because, frankly, if this keeps going on, then I’m going to just keep resharing my defense of the J-Gate until you fuckers realize the error of your ways.