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You know the Chase is here when...

Teams that don't have all their cars in the Chase are moving crew members from non-Chase teams to Chase teams.

The #4 of Kevin Harvick is getting the tire changers, carriers, and jackmen from the #14, and vice versa.

The #43 of Aric Almirola is getting rear tire changer Kyle Power and jackman Kevin Wing from the #9 team.


At this point, I'm expecting RCR to do a crew change for the #31 of Ryan Newman and maybe allowing some crewman from the #3 and #27 teams to go to the #47 of AJ Allmendinger, with which they have a technical alliance with, and that the #99 and #16 at Roush-Fenway to get some help from members of either the #17 or one of their Nationwide Series teams, and maybe a crew member swap between the #41 and #10.

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