“Engine on ground go in car” -Confucius, probably.

Look at that. A small block chevy.

Look at that. An empty engine bay.

Look at that. A goofy oil pressure sending unit.


[ponders Air Buddy spin-off involving flying sentient engines]

After an hour of much fenegaling we got the engine in the car. Despite having a V12 engine bay it is still rather cramped squeezing the SBC back into place between the radiator fan and the trans. We were stymied for a good while on the driver motor mount bolt which wouldn’t go in from the back and wouldn’t go in from the front due to a power steering fitting being in the way. The solution was “bend the stupid fitting back the way it was before it probably got bent in the first place”. The solution was also “realize you trapped the power steering cooler between the engine and subframe necessitating lifting the engine back up a few inches to get it out”.



Here is my dignified ass doing the torque converter bolts. Naturally one of my new accessory belts is the wrong size so we gave up for now.


Left to do:

  • Accessory belts
  • Wire starter back up
  • Carb
  • Plug wires/cap
  • Thermostat/water neck
  • Fill with coolant
  • Finish filling with oil
  • Hook up carb-related wiring
  • Battery
  • Start the bastard
  • Like seven oil changes.