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You know those moments...

When you are driving your car after being a little jaded by it and suddenly you fall back in love with it? It usually happens in the summer, so I cant say im surprised.

The Pathfinder has been rusting away at the rear wheel wells, and although its otherwise perfect I had become a little tired, or maybe just bored of the r50.


Today I got several surprisingly affordable quotes from local body shops for a strictly cosmetic 3 years at best patch fill and repaint. The rust is all under the area of the flares, and I only really need the Pathfinder to just look presentable and be reliable wheels for 2-3 more years until I buy something a little newer (or say fuck it and get a LT1 c4). So basically, im down to spend a couple hundred bucks to get it patched up since the rest of the car is immaculate and the vq35 is running...HEALTHILY.

Well the vq35 is actually what triggered me falling back in love with the r50. I hit a somewhat short and aggressively curved merge today that I normally avoid and was going about 45 rolling in. I quickly realized I had to merge at about 75 since it was busy, so I gave it a little juice, spent the 1 second A/T downshift delay wishing I had a stick, then heard the VQ literally bark and start roaring past 5k into its peak HP range and start singing. The Pathfinder spends most of its time bogged by its 4 speed auto and cruises along with at most an audible whooosh, but when you get it past 4k it feels almost like VTEC hitting, and the car just winds out to redline making incredible noises.

There are many times where I wish I had a loud exhaust that I could hear every day like my 4runner did, but there is something to be said for a car that only comes alive when you really get on it. If it didnt start rusting out I would have probably thrown a Borla Pro XS muffler on it for a little extra rumble, but it sounds perfectly good as is without me dumping unnecessary extra money into it.


Anybody else fall back in love with their car recently?

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