You Know What I Can't Stand?

Being told bullshit excuses by my manager. This is a rant about work that really pissed me off and I kinda want some advice here. Have a Macan Turbo I saw today as compensation.

As most of you know I'm a 16 year old high school student. I bag groceries at Publix. Yes I know I am lucky to even have a job in the first place. But it's a job I don't have any passion for. And lately its been driving me crazy and stressing me out. Today especially put me over the edge.


Two of my fellow coworkers who haven't been here much longer than me got cross-trained recently to cashier. I was told back in November that I was supposed to be part of that as well. Well it never happened. I went to my manager today and asked her what it takes to be crosstrained. "Ohh........ umm well there's currently a long line of people waiting. I try to base it off of seniority." I just reminded her of the fact that I have been there for over 10 months at this point and kinda walked off.

Now this was a bullshit answer. There cannot be that long of line. Why? Because one of the girls who got crosstrained has been there a month longer than me. She was the person hired right before I was. Therefore, I would be next in this chain. Unless she is randomly going to start training the mentally handicapped (challenged? I'm not sure what the politically correct term is) who have been baggers for over 10 years then there isn't anyone before. If she goes and starts training anyone else, they have been here for a shorter time than I have and then the seniority doesn't matter at all.

I'm okay if she doesn't want to cross train me. If I'm not good enough yet or if she doesn't think I'm ready thats fine. Just say so. Or just say that we don't really need any other cashiers right now (which btw is not true at all because the store goes into a daily panic over not enough cahsiers on). I hate that she lied to me so blatantly and thought I wouldn't notice. I'm not an idiot. I hate hearing bullshit excuses so much.

The job has also sucked lately because we are very busy. Our store is one of the busiest because we are snowbird central. I guess they want to save money so they have been cutting hours. For 45 minutes today, I was the only bagger. But we were busy, so FOUR registers were open. I was bouncing back and forth trying to see who had the biggest order at any given time. I love it then when it slows for two seconds and my manager comes out and asks me if the lot is clear. I haven't been able to step outside so no its full of carts. But I cannot get them all myself if I stick to your rule of no more than 5 at a time.


And tonight we had a point where there were 2 carts at the entrance. That was it. So I go up front and tell my manager. Usually you go and call for the stock clerks to do so. She just sent me back out even though I had been out clearing it to the best of my abilities for 30 minutes.

I feel as if she hates me. She's mad because I make her fill out some paperwork for my school program and because I was a special add-on employee who she didn't hire. It just is so annoying.


I look for new jobs every day. I really want to work with my passion but like no one wants to hire me at 16. Publix is also good to stick with because its a secure job and they will pay for like all my college if I stay with them. I just physically and mentally am running out of strength. What do I do?

Thanks for letting me rant.

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