People who try and tell you how to drive while you’re driving and they are not. I very, very rarely get genuinely angry at people. But this is one of the things that pisses me off to no end.

At a stop sign......

Person in car: “Look to your right, there’s cars coming from there as well.”

Me: “My eyes work fine, thanks.”


Person in car: “There’s cars coming, don’t merge here”

Me: “That’s why I’m not merging yet dumbass.”

At another stop sign....

Person in car: “That person doesn’t have a stop sign, he could have hit you.”

Me: “Then what’s that hexagon-thing at his part of the intersection?

In a parking lot....

I slow down because it looks like somebody is going to run a stop sign, the person stops and I proceed.

Person in passenger seat proceeds to give a courtesy wave to the person.

What I find ironic is that this guy drives a shitbox old Altima that’s filled with trash and is an extremely reckless driver.