I think all of the hate is unjustified. Say what you want about how they attained their socioeconomic status; I will always assume that you’re just jealous! IMO their videos are unbelievably generous and not just for preteens fantasizing about owning a supercar some day.

These gentlemen dedicate the majority of their free time to filming their incredible lifestyles for us normies to watch, and I really appreciate that. As far as I’m concerned, their European adventures are like my favorite Top Gear films on steroids: better car and location variety, more of an inside scoop, and far less contrived.


It’s not all about showing off their extravagance, and I think they try really hard to avoid the unsavory arrogance and entitlement that often accompany being a 1%er. You won’t catch me watching a Salmondrin video - I’m not on that level - but I will check out almost everything these gentlemen upload. Their films are judiciously edited, always fun, and genuinely epic sometimes. Also, they’re SO good at talking and driving. It’s impressive. I’m not telling you to subscribe, but if you like cars and have ever fantasized about tearing around Europe in something cool, browsing their uploads should be pretty entertaining for you. Just skip the vlogs, and head straight for the films. The comment featured in the screenshot I took came from this video:

It’s the GT4 Lusso launch (in a beautiful setting, of course), and Shmee was just being silly in JWW’s video, which triggered that hater. Tim was just having a good time, being himself on camera. Why can’t we all just be chill!? (rhetorical...)

edit: just, just, just, just. Apparently I need to add that word to my writing “no no” list because I use it too often. Darn...

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