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You know what really grinds my gears?

When someone rides your ass and you are in the right lane! (Unrelated Parsh)

So I’m cruising up the GSP in my dad’s old beater pickup because I’m moving and this the umpteenth run I have to do to get the crap out of my old house. Anyway, I’m driving in the right lane doing about 68 in a 65. Reason being is that at 70 the truck says “Whoa buddy, that’s far enough,” and it’s not my car; I always take it extra easy when I drive other people’s cars.


This dude come flying up the right lane and gets right on my bumper. Keep in mind this is the Garden State Parkway south of Exit 30 in the winter. Traffic is pretty light. Dude stays on me for like a half mile then decides to pass. Once he does so he gets beside me and gives me that look that we give to people in the left lane that are holding everyone up.

There are two lanes bro...

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