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You know what slips my clutches?

That the Jeep Active-Drive II 2 speed awd system (AAM Eco-trac) is not available in ANYTHING else.

Its not made by Jeep, its outsourced from American Axle Manufacture and the single speed version is in lots of products from Jeep and others...but why only in the Hideous, non-liftable KL cherokee?


Image a discovery sport with the 2 speed option (it too uses the single speed AAM eco-trac)?

I mean, its not like Jeep is the only brand to hang its hat on off-road heritage.

Now I can’t be sure, but I seem to recall Jeep might have an exclusivity contract with AAM for a few years which would make sense for the disco Sport but what about in the Jeep family?

Why not in the renegade? A real low range in a car like that?! I get that its more expensive and maybe there is a whole deal for why it wouldn’t work, though I can’t see it.


I also understand that its a niche market, but so is the trailhawk brand...and Jeep knows it. They always say that the trailhawk represents a small but important part of their sales strategy to keep the Jeep DNA in all their product, but they they are doing only lip service by withholding real capability that should be within their reach. There is no reason, as far as I know, to NOT have Active Drive II or Active Drive Lock in the Renegade or Compass trailhawks. Same engine and trans in the KL cherokee...the only difference is in the PTO, the driveshaft length and the rear drive module.

I want to see low range make a comback in small fun cars.

No, the Active Drive Low is NOT low range.

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