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You know what The Verge? Screw you.

Ok, so I was reading this article on a new laptop. I happen to own a Microsoft Surface Book with the Performance Base, and it’s honestly the best laptop I’ve ever seen or owned. Anyway, you may have heard of the Surface Laptop which is cool, but the whole laying it flat to use the pen input is a big deal for me, so I don’t get it. Anyway, besides the point. Back to the article on The Verge, which is a well known site for living inside the magnesium confines of Apple’s ass for their opinions on things (serious, look here, but the title was changed from “it’s so good it’s basically showing off”. Dude, it’s an iPad.) Well, overall, they’re very favorable to the Surface Laptop, which is surprising, except I read this one sentence that just grinds all five of my forward gears, and reverse. Here it is, see if you can spot the rage inducing part.

“It’s a laptop that’s powerful enough to run all your apps, but thin enough to carry around” 

That’s right, these douchebag likely-millennial excuses for journalists said it’s a laptop that can run all your apps. Apps. Apps for for your precious iPads, idiots. They’re called programs. I would accept applications, but do not call actual computer programs apps. Ass.


/morning pre-coffee rant

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