This scenario may just happen to the Philippines and China. Well maybe not, as America isn’t really a Lando-type, China’s pretty fucked in the head, and the Philippines has, somehow, stuck with America despite knowing full well that USA is a blithering asswipe who would dump him fast (also because screw China), but still.

Or maybe Arabia will take us in? Though Kebab country protecting Hispano-Asian does not compute.

Who knows? These days we just fend for ourselves and do performance art at night, with caregiving as a day job.

Oh, and uh, Philippines will have an election this year, too. Not to be too smug, but at the rate your lot’s politics are going, we’re better off.

Also, Chiz stronk!!! (Pretty sure he has some big skeletons in his closet, but rather him than anyone, because I’d rather have Leni make the Fuentebellas her bitch).