You know when you see something, but have to double take

On the way home earlier today we were held up at a set of traffic lights. Then I saw a customer from Machine Mart who had just bought a mobile tool storage box and was about to put it in the boot of her Fiesta.

I saw two staff wheeling it out and the lady opened the tailgate and I just couldn’t believe it. The boot was full to the parcel shelf of crap and full carrier bags.

After a couple of minutes I had to take a couple of pictures, as you do. She had already moved a dozen things into the rear foot well buy the time I got my camera out.


Then as she got bored of moving the stuff from the boot and putting the rear parcel shelf in the rear footwell also, by getting one of the guys to help lift the unit into the boot and on top of the two thirds of a full boot of stuff.


Who goes to pick up a unit like that without making sure there is space in the boot for the unit. 

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