You Know You Bought Legit Race Car Parts When....

They have zip-ties holding things together!

Considering these have been used on race cars like this, no, I’m not worried about it.

I picked these up last week and am quite excited to start autocrossing on them!

They are Koni 2812 long body dampers (double adjustable) with 700/400lb Eibach springs, with Genesis spacers and helper springs. They also have front and rear custom pillowball mounts.

With the aluminum shock bodies, they are quite light. I measured a 5.1lb weight savings in the rear.

I picked them up for an amazing price from an RX8Club member who just had them rebuilt for his SCCA STL-Class race car. Prior to that, they were on a Pirelli World Challenge race car. He upgraded to a fancy set of Ohlins and I scored an amazing deal on them.

They even came with the shock Dyno graphs from their recent rebuild.

I was previously running on Bilstein HD shocks with H&R sport springs. While quite road friendly, they had nowhere near enough spring rate. Now that I’m becoming more compentent at autocrossing, they were really starting to hinder me as I have been fighting understeer issues stemming from riding on bumpstops in hard cornering. Going from a 205lb progressive spring to a 700lb linear should correct that problem. Between this and my recent upgrade to RE71's I really only have myself to blame for sucking now.

A close up of the custom pillowball mount.

Slowly but surely, I am building my RX-8 into something that should be at least mid-pack competitive at some of the larger national events in STX class (although it’ll be tough to keep up with the Toyobaru’s no matter what I do)


I got the rears installed today but probably won’t be able to do the fronts until something this weekend. Then I need to set the ride height and at least get a new alignment done and if I work enough overtime, a corner balance too.

Fun stuff!

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