If any of you read my post labelled valve noise about a week ago, you'll know that our Odyssey has been making some pretty weird clattering noises lately. As the title says, it was thought to be valves since they are adjustable in the Odyssey. My dad took the car to the local Honda dealership today, and they told them there was no oil in the engine. Like, not even enough to detect. So we've gone for two-three months and several thousand miles in car with pretty much no oil. (Testament to Honda engines, yes...) What's disturbing is that there are no leaks on our driveway, no dripping lines on the car, and the indicator didn't come on even though its usually pretty sensitive. Worse, we got an oil change before it started clattering at another Honda dealership who didn't put in oil. Geez, this should go into that "Worst Dealership Experience Stories" post. But anyways so idk what the noise is (my dad won't tell me) but it seems we're looking at a repair of $1700, with possibly a new engine. My dad wants to make the other dealership pay for it (since technically they're the ones that didn't put in new oil) but I was thinking of another engine. There's a used NSX engine on SW Engines for $5995 (And only 68K miles!). Wouldn't that be fun? Anyways, any recommendations to what we should do? Crazy engine swaps anyone?

Update: Just realized that the dealer also washed the car, getting rid of several thousand miles and years of hard-earned grime :P