I'm late to the game to comment on this so I'm telling my story here :p. I sold a set of wheels to someone on "kijiji" a little while ago and agreed to meet at a Walmart close to me. He's already beat me down on the price through email beforehand. I get a call 1hr before we are to meetup asking if we can meet somewhere closer to where he was coming from (about 20mins east of me), mentioned something about needing gas. I agreed because I was happy to make the sale. ... 30mins later I get another call, "can you take $20 off the price, I'm almost out of gas and can't make it home 'cause I'm out of money." I say I guess, and pack a jerrycan with me with the plan to give him gas to get home with no price break. It's feeling like a typical craigslist/kijiji situation.

He arrives in a shitty broken civic (obviously) and is around 17.

I give him the price break and the gas, and honestly feel good about doing it. It's $20 and I'm happy to see the wheels go. The way I approach hobby cars now is completely different than when I was his age. I'd rather just enjoy playing with cars and not haggling prices.

Not a very exciting story. I've got a bunch of kjijiji/craigslist ones, but I like this one for some reason.

p.s. what the one commenter said about mentioning you'd accept trades just to see what people offer is spot on. It's great!