Street parking in DC can be a challenge. I often see cars in the city, and out in the burbs, driving around with Bumper Bullies still deployed. 99.9% of these cars have DC tags, even out in the burbs. Come on y’all, you’re supposed to put that shit back in the trunk when you’re done parking!

While the 328i convertible above has DC tags and I took that picture within the city limits, this Prius, which I encounter semi-frequently in my particular corner of the burbs, is the 0.1% of deployed-Bumper Bully cars with a non-DC tag. This one has a Bumper Badger and Maryland tags. Maybe they live in downtown Bethesda or Silver Spring.

It also has three frankly ridiculous cushions stuck to each back door, but I wasn’t able to catch a pic of the sides of the thing. This time. You will be mine someday! (You can kiiiinda see them on the left side of the car.)