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You know you've had a rough week...

... when you're eating Girl Scout cookies at 6:30pm and chasing them with a breakfast stout (incredible combo, 10/10 would inject into vein). I am feeling much better, though.

We are slowly parting ways with my top account. Turns out we have a major disagreement: we want to be paid for work we’ve completed and they want to... NOT pay us. Liens have been filed on multiple projects. Red flags include the owner may be selling his personal home, and my high-ranked “mole” in his ranks has gone AWOL. If the builder goes under, we will not get one cent of what they owe.


Good news is that some of my more dormant accounts are really ramping up this year. A guy I’ve done three projects with told me he’s got 22 more homes he’s completing by autumn. He also gives me a blank slate to design (pardon the term, but that’s the easiest verb I can think of) whatever I want. Heck yes.

I have a remodeler account that told me they’re having trouble landing jobs, and — I don’t want to say begged, but... — begged me to help sharpen their bottom line so they can get some cash flow going. They’ve been a really unsavory account, but I like the head boss guy, and now I’m wondering how badly they are struggling...

I’m also on the rocks with a high-ranking member of the company. I can’t say we were ever chummy, but now it’spotentially straight up shit-list. My boss is downplaying it, but I suspect this is just the beginning. Retaliation exists in many forms.

In my weaker moments, I get resentful of my peers. My cubicle neighbor constantly let’s his customers push him around, and he offers to “talk to [his] manager and see what he can do.” Basically, he’s not abiding by his prices and lead times which helps him land more sales via harassing my boss, or forwarding someone to our scheduling department to be yelled at by some shrew. Shit, if I did that everytime someone wanted their stuff riiight nooooow I’d sell every job I quoted.


“I need you to promise this by blah!”

“Sorry, our lead time are blerh and I’m not gonna let you in front of the hundreds of other folks who already have their orders in.”


That’s what should be said. Did you know that many people — builders especially — respect that level of honesty? More than you think! Plus I’ve seen it a million times: roll over once, roll over forever.

Do we pull favors for long-standing accounts on occasion? Of course. You have to. But should Mary Anne in Dutch Hill get special pricing and cut in front of my builders because she asserted herself? Fuck. No. Thus as you may guess: builders love me, homeowners hmmmm they don’t care for me.


In summation: fuck people who skirt the system to line their pockets.

My boss told me during my last review that I’m his only guy who doesn’t let people push him around. You’re damn fucking right, I don’t.

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