Sneak peak...

I’ve got two of these. 4 10 watt Cree LEDs each. I’ve seen this particular light and good god is it bright. Flood pattern. These will be cornering lights. Possibly turn signals as well, depending on available space....


I have an additional two but they have 3 watt Cree LEDs instead. And they’re amber. Also flood pattern. These will be fog lights.

And my two cheapo LED rounds from Amazon that I may or may not use for something. I don’t really need more flood lights, and they’re too large to work as rear view lights with the mounting setup I’m thinking about

This is the starting point of my rally light build, and as with everything else, it will drag on because I have very specific goals and minimal time/skills. Did I mention I want all of the lights to be hidden so as to retain OEM looks...?

This is basically the project I’ll work on when I need a break from turbo things (oops, spoiler alert!)