Just when I thought all my displays were functioning properly, the damn bulb for the clock/date display on my OBC blows out.

The only way to see it now is shining a super bright light on it. Grrr.

Guess this is an excuse to swap everything over to LEDs. I have a blown out bulb on my instrument cluster too. Might be doing that when I get home if we can source the right bulbs locally.

At least the OBC is super easy to remove from the center stack. No screws or anything, just some somewhat strong clips. A few screwdriver prys and its out.

Checked all the fuses for cruise and my OBC and they're all good. I can only rule the cruise control down to the module behind the glovebox or the controller in the engine bay. OBC I'm fucking clueless about. Kinda annoying. At least my range isn't stuck on 195 anymore!