You may have noticed a lack of small block chevy/jaguar posts.

Multiple reasons for that, manily being work has been super duper slow lately so my funds are a bit lower than I like and the mini had some small issues leading to me replacing most of the ignition system. AND YET I still found time to arrange a deal for this.

A 1983 jaguar xjs with a 400 small block and TH350 pre-installed.


It’s being sitting for about 10 years so it’s a bit musty and crusty but it’s an ex-californa car so it’s still solid underneath. My plan is to get the 400 running again and then sell that and the trans to my friend then take all of the sbc-to-jaguar parts and put them into my jag. If i’m feeling extra frisky I may even paint the xjs and sell it as a roller.

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