Well, people are having lot of discussions on guns… a group of people are raising their voice on the issue of gun control… I personally believe excess of nothing is good. Still, it’s a tough world outside and we got to protect ourselves.

Anyways, here I have found some amazing information on guns. You may relate both the advancement on technology and war history to this mode of evolution...

The American Long Rifle — “light in weight; graceful in line; economical in consumption of powder and lead; fatally precise; distinctly American” this rifle enabled the first Americans to outgun the British in Revolutionary War.

The Colt Single-Action Army Revolver — designed for the U.S. cavalry by historic gun maker Colt, this pistol defined the Wild West. When people refer to old “six shooters,” this is the gun.


The Winchester Rifle — “The Gun That Won The West” was one of the first repeating rifles and a favorite of Teddy Roosevelt, pictured with the gun below. It fired the same type of ammunition as the Colt revolver, but with a much heftier punch.

The M1911 Pistol — This .45-caliber pistol was the standard issue sidearm for the U.S. military from 1911-1985. Durable and powerful, it’s still in use by Army special forces, and elite units in the Navy and Marine Corps.


The Thompson Submachine Gun — Used by World War I soldiers and gangsters, the “Tommy Gun” is one of the most recognizable and versatile weapons on the planet. It is compact, easy to wield, and shoots a large .45-caliber bullet as quickly as 1,500 rounds per minute.


The M16 Rifle — Despite its slow start in the Vietnam war, where the weapon was prone to not feed rounds into the chamber properly during moments of intense combat, the M16 has ironed out its kinks and is currently the standard weapon of choice for the U.S. armed forces, where it has performed flawlessly through the first Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan.