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You meet the nicest people on a Honda, Why this saying has prooved it is timeless.

"You meet the nicest people on a Honda." Possibly the best advertising campaign Honda has ever used. At that time Motorcyclist were getting a bad reputation because of rough and tough gangs of Harley riders but Honda wanted to show people that not all not all motorcyclist are like that with this campaign. And it worked!!! Honda sales were boosted and people started to like motorcyclist again.

Fast forward 50 something years and this is still true today. Most of the "Squids" on crotch rockets are driving Ninjas and FZ-07's and other bikes BUT I never see these type of people on a Honda CBR of any cc they are always wearing proper gear and obeying the rules (most of the time).


The same goes for the cruisers the people on Goldwings are always nice and respectable while most (not all) people on Street glides are always in the clubs that cause trouble and give motorcyclist a bad name.

I know a lot of people who ride Hondas and they are all great people, in fact the members of my family who ride ride Honda (my family is great you should meet them). I guess that one thing from the 60's hasn't changed, You meet nice people on a Honda.

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