But.... maybe it’s just me but I meet the more fun/interesting/weird ones on a Suzuki.

Tonight coming home from the Beach Slang concert (if you like the Replacements/Jawbreaker check them out) I stopped on an I-90 rest stop for the usual leak and smoke break. Coming out of the facility, I had my best mass pike rest stop interaction ever, ok second best next to peeing next to Dicky from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and hanging out in the Dunkin Donuts line with him shooting the shit.

Got asked what size engine my bike was by two random dudes who turned out be (1) a truck driver in his 50s with a ‘Busa and a built up ‘82 Celica. and (2) a guy who rides a yellow Harley and is racing Barbie Jeeps against certain notorious bike clubs.

You might me the nicest people on a Honda.

But in my experience, you meet the fun, randomest weirdos on a Suzuki.

I’m sticking with the Suzuki.