So I really like the concept of utes. They're like wagons but you can put a pig in them! Unfortunately they are going the way of the dodo and the only ones that exist here in the good ol' US of A were built decades ago. Enter the combination of boredom and the wonderful program that is MS Paint. Photoshop who?

Anyway I thought of a car that begged to be 'painted: the perfectly hoonable BRZ.


So I set to work with my mediocre mouse control and this is the result: The BRZ CarryAll

Now that's some brush tool!

I thought to myself, "Self I want to deliver the pigs to market AND go to a track day." Now you can! Never has MS Paint done such holy work.


I thought once more, "Self, sure this ute is for Joe Jalop, but what about the older, more refined and well off customer?" I needed more power.


Enter the Koenigsegg CCXR.ute. What's better than going 200+ MPH? Going 200+ MPH with livestock flying out of your superute's bed, of course. Where is the engine you ask? I... uh... I don't know, but it's a goddamn Koenigsegg that you can carry manure in.

I knew that you Opponauts would definitely have some opinions. What do you think?

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