If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

You now remember that the Saturn Relay was a thing.

God the U-Bodies were utter pieces of shit. And they sold a FUCKTON of them in Canada, especially the Montana SV6.

Which was so terrible that it was discontinued in America after like a year of being sold. But for some fucking reason, Canadians just ate these hunks of shit up. Even when there was plenty superior minivans on the market like the Sienna, Odyssey, Caravan, Sedona, Freestar, and getting kicked in the balls so hard that you won’t need a minivan.


Why did people buy the U-Body? Fuck if I know!

Oh, and on the subject of mid-2000s (mostly) Canada-exclusive Pontiacs, the Pursuit, which in it’s final years was sold to the Americans as the G5.


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