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I thought I might devote myself to going back to Japan, for a year, and documenting all the big tuning shops and their origins, Classic European, American and Japanese cars in Japan, and basically document the whole 80's/90's/Early 2000's "JDM" scene.

Sort of like, bringing the origins of JDM as a scene back to the forefront, and documenting some of the shops that played a big role in bringing it's influence to America, but not doing any specials on any "new" tuning cars. Only historics.


I would have to set aside my savings and jump into it, and I'd only do it for a year too... Unless I got enough "readers" that I got paid for it or something, whether on Kinja (best of luck to me...) or off.

It would feature my photography (as seen above) and writing, as well as some home brew Apple video Center created videos ( I'm not terribly good at video editing).

I'd be between both Osaka and Tokyo. The only thing is that I would need to find a job in Tokyo before I went.

Since I was going to go back to school in September, I figure I could put it on one last hiatus before I buckle into my Masters and settle down. Sort of like, one last "Youth" hurrah. It would be tricky, as I'd have to withdraw a large deposit I've made, and throw it all into the pot so to speak, but I think it would be worth it.


It would have articles such as:

- Special Car Features

- Marque Events

- Shop Walkthroughs

- Shop Owner Interviews

- Pro Driver Interviews

- Japanese Race Queen Interviews

- Historic Car Stories

- Video Journals

- Interesting Japanese things (Unrelated to cars)

- Japanese history

- "Random Snaps"

Lastly, it'd be updated in bulk every couple days, or almost daily. It'd be like a blog... But an informative blog.


The question is, would everyone be interested enough to read it and follow it?

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