Said the Dos Equis guy at the Lexus dealership.

I had called inquiring about the cost to replace the timing belt and water pump on an LS430 I was thinking of buying. I was anticipating $1500 to $2000 being a luxury car and this place a dealer. They quoted me $1180. I thought that was pretty reasonable, but what came next is what made me get the car more than anything else.

“Do you need a loaner while it’s here?”

“No, that’s oka..........You would do that for a 15 year old car that I didn’t even buy from you?”

“You own a Lexus now.”

I didn’t it. Not yet, but I had to now.

Having gotten to drive it around for a few weeks now I can say that I love this car.


It’s not perfect. Has a few scratches/dents and dings and I need to replace the rear sub, but otherwise it’s in great shape. The interior, with the exception of the driver seat,steering wheel and mat is damn near immaculate.

There are no tears in the driver seat, just some well used leather. The mat I’ll be replacing, but will keep this set as a winter set.


The bird’s eye maple veneer is perfect throughout.


Hatches and cubbies activate!


The cupholders mostly suck, but I’m ecstatic all these little things still pop out and work like they’re supposed to. And it has actual cigarette lighters and ash trays!

This kinda looks like a face.



I like this car. The dealership is pretty awesome, too. They gave me a discount on the timing belt/water pump job and when I brought it back for state inspection after getting my plate and registration, they didn’t charge me! I don’t get it, but I’m not going to complain.