OppoDrive: It is simple. I have access to these two vehicles. Starting tomorrow, I will be commuting to the office. You pick which one I'll use for the rest of the week.

What is known:

  • It is a typical thirty minute drive of city traffic with a short, 10 second highway blast at the end.
  • Weather should be fine, with a light rain shower possible.
  • Both cars are row your own gears.
  • Both are in working order.
  • No, I do not have access to the bike no matter how much you insist.

What is not known:

The justification that Oppoland will find to put me in either car for three days of commuting. I have my theories about what you can come up with, but I will let the Internet of Commenters surprise and delight™ me.

Go. I will pick the best answer today and report back on Friday.