I don't really know how to start this, so I'll just get straight to the point. You all saved my life, and definitely changed it and made if so much better.

I'm a Junior in high school right now. In about 7th grade I had almost no friends. Hell I had a lot of 'enemies'. Up until last year I've had countless people tell me that just my presence pisses them off. It was bad, and it took a toll on me.


The same year all this started happening, my uncle got me subscriptions to Car and Driver and Road&Track. For a year I didn't really read them, I always liked cars, but never loved them like I do now. But I did start reading them in 8th grade. Due to the love from others I received, I got extremely depressed. I tried telling my parents but they wouldn't fully understand how bad it was(apparently they couldn't hear me cry myself to sleep every night over something that happened that day) so they just got mad at me then did nothing about it. So my escape from the world was my car magazines.

Eventually those weren't enough to help me, I was becoming suicidal. I almost attempted it at least once a week. By now I had started to love cars because they were an escape for me, and I essentially became dependent on them. I started using this app Carbuzz, which was good at first but got overrun by trolls. I left it. But while on Carbuzz I learned about this website, Jalopnik.com. And that website was fully dedicated to cars, so I started reading the articles their to stop me from killing myself. And then I started commenting. All of you are so kind and helpful and respectful. Finally I found people who at least care enough about me to talk to me without making me feel like I don't matter. Even if I have never met any of you.

With this newfound care by all of you, I realized that there is purpose to my life. I worked to get better grades, and now I have all As and Bs(aside from an F but that's because of technical issues my teacher refused to fix) I have my Eagle Scout award, and I plan to go to Air Force Academy or University of Washington to study engineering and business. I plan to sell multiple inventions/innovations of mine to fund a start-up company. And I haven't even thought of suicide in almost a year now. All because of some people I never met were simply nice to me.

So, if in the next decade in a half you hear of a new car company called Rainier Motorsports, just remember you played a part in saving the CEOs life.


Also, every action has a consequence, be it positive or negative. And even if the action is simple and small, it can have a huge effect and change someone's life.

Thank you.

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