I of makes jumps.....

You know what’s wrong with this picture?


The man to the left is out of a job, and the man to the right has the job for all the wrong reasons.

Luis Videgaray Caso is probably one of the smartest, best educated, and most loyal of The President’s Men, this is also true of his very friend Jose Antonio Meade.

Both of them are great economists and executives that carried out their jobs with their best intentions, sometimes overshadowed by orders from a short idiot and an evil bald person.

Luis Videgaray has no place as our Chancellor, he literally said “I’m not a diplomat” when he arrived to the Secretariat of Exterior Relations. Rex Tillerson didn’t get educated as a diplomat either, but many saw reassurance in his expertise as an oil executive for many years.

In the end, Pompeo doesn’t have any real foreign policy expertise either, other than bashing democrats for their foreign policy. Funnily enough, both Tillerson and Pompeo are engineers by training and both have been involved in the energy sector, other than that I do think they divert in paths of life.

But not hiring someone trained in, or even experienced in,diplomacy sort of reaffirms my worry that the US government is becoming more and more like the Mexican one by the day. Plus, the House investigation on Russia got shut down despite the minority party wanting to continue investigating... it’s not like that has happened here a few times!