... someone said to me today, seeing this all set up. I am loaning my truck to the university in my town as a part of some event, and people are loving it. They had me park it between the two most iconic buildings on campus, and they put a giant picture frame with chairs nearby for photo ops. I’ve been daily driving it to work, so it’s a little weird to suddenly have all this attention directed toward it, where it’s been lurking in regular parking lots around campus all summer. Side note: it was fun driving to work and just blowing by the parking lot, stopping right in the middle of the quad like a boss.

But hey, maybe they’re on to something! Or, maybe I don’t need people climbing all over this thing every weekend. Yeah...

#nofilter ??
bonus hay bales to keep people from climbing in the bed constantly

I can’t even come to the event, it’s my son’s 5th birthday tonight. He already got a little remote-controlled M3 (it was $8). Maybe I can convince him to come down for a post-birthday cake picture with the truck. I have to admit, it’s a cool setting. And I think they might get upset if I try and park there again tomorrow.

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