Maybe this is just where I am and it might be the ST as well, but the car and I, we just don't seem to fit in anywhere. :(

We don't fit into any particular group other than a group of other Foci(plural for multiple Focus cars); and I don't even fit in with them!

I noticed this driving down Woodward tonight after work.

Driving all around Woodward, of course it's all about American Muscle and land yachts most of the time. But with the FoST, I couldn't see one place for me to actually park and talk to people about their cars. I feel as though I'd just spend the entire conversation talking about their car, or when they finally asked me about my car(s), I'd have no way to respond other than "it's just a Focus". And that's what hit me today..


It's just a Focus, a Focus with a turbocharger and body kit. Sure, it has amazing handling and good power and looks very sharp and other good things about it; at the end of the day, it's still a Focus.

The car won't ever get anyone's attention, won't spark any interest in a conversation, or even be interesting. It's just a Focus; that makes me sad.


When I was driving the 911, I got looks everywhere I went, or someone wanted to talk to me about it. I even got stopped in a Wal-Mart lot to answer some questions about it! I loved that feeling of being noticed and not being that one guy in the corner. I miss that feeling.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or approaching this the wrong way? Or maybe it even has to do with my location. Not sure. Anyone else experience this kinda thing with their car groups?


Charlotte and I will be in a corner now.